UNDUSTED – The Seventh Race

UNDUSTED – The Seventh Race


Kompozīcijas autori – UNDUSTED
Teksta autors – Igors Konotopecs “Elver”

Band Members
Elver – Vocals
Mr.Andrew – Guitars
Mighty Den – Guitars
Badul – Drums
Eugene The Axe – Bass

UNDUSTED is a Deathcore Groove Warmachine from Latvia bred in 2005 era.
The band has performed a numerous amount of live shows in Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Czech Republic and Belarus sharing stage with the bands like AMATORY, STIGMATA, INSENSE, PERIMETER, THE KOREA[RU], SHOKRAN and many others.
Band’s discography starts in the year of 2013 with the debut record “4 of a kind”.
The unicity of this release is the fretless semi-acoustic guitar tones combined in a single ten minute potpourri track.
Second record – “Outdated Beliefs” was released in 2015 consists of 5 tracks and sounds more likely to the customary metal music, comparing to the first release.
“Method To Madness” is another 5 track EP dropped in 2017 was mixed & mastered by a different sound engineer and it’s sounding is the band’s absolutely new step in the sound production.
Debut cinematic music video for the single named “Lashed Into Circles” was announced released in March 2019.
The band’s second dark music video “The Seventh Race” dropped in April 2020.

Dziesmas ideja ir par jaunu cilvēcības rasu – septīto rasu. Septītās rasas ierašanās ir neizbēgama un tai sugai ir pārdabisks intelekts ar unikālām spējam, bez kā cilvēcība turpmāk pastāvēt nevarēs.
Mēs izpaužam ideju arī vizuāli, nofilmējot klipu kopā ar režisoru Pēteri Valdmani. To var apskatīt Youtube kanālā.